QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit which is an infrastructure for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. The QuickBooks software is ranked number one by many accounting and financial industry experts. But sometimes an error can occur in while using the QB software. One such error is QuickBooks Error 6150, -1006. QuickBooks also offers premium technical support to its users, a 24×7 helpline number is available for the QB users to get any support regarding the QuickBooks Software- to know more call us at QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number 1800-210-5289.

QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006

Causes For QB Error Code 6150, -1006

QuickBooks can sometimes act unusual due to some issues. An error sometimes causes this kind of behavior. Today we will discuss a specific error which can create problems for you. QuickBooks Error 6150, -1006 is one such error but do not worry because we will tell you what this error means and how can you resolve it when you see such error.

The QB Error Code 6150, -1006 appears on the screen when the users try to create, open or use the company files.

How To Solve QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006?

Method-1 Check For CryptoWall

In some extreme cases, the CryptoWall virus and other malicious software or any third party programs can restrict you from opening QuickBooks. These causes are serious and need special attention and action.

Step by step follow the procedure which is mentioned below to resolve the error.

  • Open the Windows Start Menu by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard.
  • Now, in the search bar type “File Explorer” and then open it.
  • Find your QuickBooks folder in it and then open the folder (usually it is located on your C:drive).
  • Search for files that hold words like “decrypt” or instructions” (.txt or .html).

If you are not able to find any of those files then proceed to Method 2.

Method – 2: Restore A Backup Company File

You can try to restore your work in QuickBooks only if you have saved a backup of your company file. Restore your last company file from the recent backup, but you will only have access to information which was last saved not the data which was saved in between the today’s work and the last backup.

After doing this open the last backup file and when using QuickBooks if you do not see the QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006 then it means that the error is solved and if it still shows on your system’s screen then proceed to the next Method.

Method – 3: Use Auto Data Recovery

Use Auto Data Recovery tool which is created by our technical experts for instances like this. This process is very long and can take a few days to recover your data and during the process you will not be able to work in the QuickBooks Software. It is recommended to manually write the accounting changes while the ADR process is running so you can add the transactions up in the software later on.

Get In Touch With Us For QuickBooks Support

If you want to get in touch with us, then you can call us at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number 1800-210-5289. We have a team of expert QuickBooks technicians who are trained by the top industry experts to help you effectively and efficiently so that you can head back to your business. Call us anytime from anywhere because we are available 24×7 to serve you.

To conclude we will like to say that in this article we have mentioned the causes and solutions of the QuickBooks Error code -6150, -1006 and if the users are facing these errors then they can follow the steps to resolve this error. If you have found this article helpful and want to give us feedback, then contact us at QuickBooks Live Chat support.

QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006
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